Supreme Nutrition is a premium sports nutrition range developed and produced entirely in the Republic of Ireland.

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Supreme Nutrition For Weight Management

Scientifically formulated for weight management goals, Lean protein contains a purposely designed macronutrient ratio whilst keeping the calorific content as low as possible. This is achieved by the development of an innovative premium protein blend of five different proteins, offering a complex multi-protein staggered release. This distinctive combination supports weight management goals with fast, medium, and delayed release of proteins, packed with necessary amino acids to aid recovery and satiety. In addition to the premium protein blend, Lean Protein is packed with an innovative source of digestive enzymes known as Digezyme®. Lean Protein is suitable for any adult looking to achieve their weight management goals and to increase their daily protein intake.

Supreme Nutrition For Mass Gain & Muscle Building

Protein Oats are designed for people looking to increase lean muscle mass and to aid recovery. It is a calorific dense shake, with high-quality protein, carbs and fats. It also contains a good spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Protein Oats can be used as a lean gainer, meal replacement or as a recovery drink. Protein Oats contains a specifically designed protein blend with a large number of key amino acids. Supreme Nutrition Protein Oats contain high levels of BCAAs and L-Glutamine, to support protein synthesis and fast recovery from exercise. In addition to the premium protein blend, Supreme Nutrition Protein Oats are packed with an innovative source of digestive enzymes, known as Digezyme®.

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