Our affiliate program is powered by Affiliatly.com and is operated by link tracking and 60day cookies placed on your client’s browsers when they interact with your link.

For this type of tracking Affiliatly.com are saving the visitor’s IP address when they visit our store in their server and comparing it to the IP address which is used to complete the orders in our store. Also, Affiliatly.com are storing a cookie (name: “easy_affiliate”) with the IP address (and also user ID in Affiliatly, referring affiliate ID, duration and the expiry time of the cookie) on their (the visitors) device.

How is Affiliatly tracking affiliates?

It is done in two ways

  1. The app tracks users on our site who were referred (by clicking on a link) by you, our affiliate. When such user visits our site, a cookie is stored on the user’s computer, so the program knows that this is an affiliated user even if the user doesn’t make an order right away. Cookies are stored for 60 days by default.
  2. When a user makes an order on your site, the app checks if this client has a cookie, i.e. its a client referred by an affiliate. If it’s true, it marks the order in the database for the affiliate who referred the user.

How are affiliate’s earnings calculated?

The affiliatе earns a fixed 5% percent of the total sum from purchases made from users, driven to our site by you, the affiliate,  just by driving traffic to our site with your earning link that is generated in your https://www.affiliatly.com registration.

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